The Best Advice for Dressing Business Casual. Women long formal dresses.

The Best Advice for Dressing Business Casual. Women long formal dresses.

Women long dresses not only to go to formal events but also to more casual events. While there are more formal styles of dresses like the little black dress, and other styles like the casual dresses are more all purpose and serve more particular occasions. Women long dresses do not have to be expensive or made of expensive fabrics to accomplish the look of the event. Fashion designers have a newer approach to fashion and have created versions of the old formal dresses with a punch of color, prints and different cuts. They do not look as expensive as they used to but are still within your initial budget. We share their best advice for dressing business casual including suits and sportswear.

Tailored Suits

While a more conservative cut and styling is recommended for most business occasions, it is not required. the trick is to look for a suit that fits your body shape. If you are looking for an optimum patented suit, look for art silk and wool suits.

Be Like Bond

This advice also applies to women long dresses. If a woman wears long enough clothes, she will feel like she's Nette Shaw given the right accessories; the key is to coordinate the apparel properly. Avoid exaggerated designs and colors for a more subdued effect. When wearing blazers, look for a 1/2" pinstripe from solicitous of the suit. Keep dress clothing stylish and simple for the most impact. Lastly, wear a statement bracelet.


If you are on the bulkier side, pants are a great way to downplay a large tummy; buy flattering pants that not only look good, but feel good too to portray the appearance of a slimmer you. When you wear a blouse, look for double-breasted styles with slimming details. If you prefer to wear jeans, look for styles with more subtle pockets.


Select tops that fall at or below the hip and flatter the midsection. To downplay broad shoulders, look for tops with vertical details. Tops with gathering at the bust line, and details on the bust line are also good.


Wearing two-piece tops and bottoms may seem fashionable, but too many tight pieces in one outfit will make the wearer appear heavier than she really is. Also, overly loose or baggy clothes will hide your fatter parts. The best way to cover up is to wear one piece outfits and details at the waistline, such as buttons, ruffles, or sash ties.

Aside from your silhouette, the number of folds in any particular outfit greatly affects its hip (suit) appearance. If you are dealing with extra-full hips, and the outfit you choose does not have folds, make sure the top or bottom hangs just above the hip line. A fold that hangs too far down looks a lot like aCapri pantor the letter T. In general, look for pants with enough texture and give, but not so much detail that the wearer is unable to see it's shape.

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