What Motivates Women's Clothing Choice?

What Motivates Women's Clothing Choice?

Women's fashion and clothing have been on a journey of constant change throughout history. Each decade has had its unique era and fashion sense. One decade women were wearing long puffy skirts with patterns on them, while in the other decade, one of the fastest-growing trends was the "Denim on Denim" Look.  

In early 2010, women were seen wearing neon yellow shirts paired with neon pink skirts, and a few years later, we took direct inspiration from the clothing and fashion in the late '90s, which included a lot of the color black. These trends are set by celebrities, A-listers, actors, high-fashion designers, and many more involved in the entertainment industry. However, one can start wondering who exactly starts the trends? What motivates the different styles of women's clothing?


A well-known fact is that a person's sense of fashion and outfit can tell a lot about them. Queen Elizabeth would definitely not be seen wearing the same clothes as someone working at a local coffee shop. Clothing is a universal way to display someone's class affiliation. However, the type of clothing that shows high status could be completely different from one country to another. Generally, for African countries, luxurious floral robes are seen as a clothing piece reserved for the elite. In contrast, in several European countries, those of higher status might opt for a simple yet expensive black dress and pair it with a costly accessory.

Trending brands

If one compares the clothing range found in most clothing shops in Japan and the ones found in the US, we will see almost a whole different style for women. In Japan, the kawaii look with short skirts is evergreen and always trending, while in the US, women go for laid-back outfits choosing a simple white top and jeans. This leads me to the next point; different brands and shops.

American Eagle is almost a perfect depiction of the clothes that many opt for in the US, while in Japan, trending brands such as WEGO offer a mixture of laid-back looks and a kawaii style.

Online shops

Online shops today have been revolutionary for shopping and for many brands that now have become worldwide. Online shops offer different styles, and, now more than ever, there has been a massive variation in clothing styles. This could be because someone living in Japan can choose to shop from a European shop, while someone living in the US can choose to shop from a Scandinavian shop. This has introduced new styles in different countries. The kawaii look, for example, has become popular worldwide to the point where events and shows dedicated to the kawaii style have been held.

Modesty in cultures

Many have different criteria and styles in mind when shopping for clothes. Someone would want shorts to pair with a crop top for the summer, while other women would instead choose a long flowy summer dress that hides their body. This can all be traced back to the preference, traditions, values, and culture of the person. In conservative countries, wearing short dresses and shorts could be frowned upon, while in other countries, it's deemed acceptable to walk around in a bikini.

Social Media

Social media has been one of the most significant determining factors for trending fashion today. Instagram models are one of the prominent Influencers that promote fast fashion. Fast fashion includes trendy clothing that is seen on celebrities but made for a lower price, making it more accessible for the general public. Making different items more accessible has allowed these trends to live on for a longer time, which leads us to the next point.


Making an item more accessible for the public is also a determining factor in whether it becomes a trend that stays around for a while. By accessibility in it is meant that shops make an item cheaper, which in return could spread like wildfire, especially amongst teenagers and those actively seeking to incorporate the newest trends into their closet.


Women's clothing is continuously evolving

What's the simple answer to the question: "What motivates women's clothing choice?" Women's clothing choice is affected by many factors in the fashion world, ranging from culture and price to status. All these factors, woven together, have led to the fashion choices of today. A younger generation's fashion choice could be very different from an older generation's fashion choice because of the different factors they were influenced by at a young age.

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