Which color of pants will suit light orange shirts

Which color of pants will suit light orange shirts

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To help decide which color pants will suit light orange shirts, here are three helpful hints.

Hint #1: Bubble colors

The reason bubble colors are perfect for light orange pants is because they have lots of flecks of orange within them (more precisely peak orange). This makes them easily distinguished from the shade of orange they are paired with.

Hint #2: Family resemblance

The second reason why they suit light orange is because they resemble orange-red. To add more closely relatedness to this comparison, orange-red is the color of the fruit tasty coral. So, it's not surprising that the clothing industry has made a hit with orange-red pants and light orange shirts.

Hint #3: Orange - a contrary color

The third hint that orange - specifically the deeper, brighter orange - is a good color for light orange pants is because it is the opposite of red. Red is going to be your "friendly" Orange, the color of your friendly, harmonious and helpful friend. You want people to think of you as a friend who knows how to mutually work with themselves.

But, that's just where the color confusion starts. Because red and orange (especially) light orange are such strong colors, they attract other people's attention. This is true both in fashion and in friendship. One of the most popular examples of this is wearing red pants together with orange tops.

As you can see, the clothing, and the person wearing them, can potentially stand out less than the usual. Red - whether it's a bright solid red or one with orange accents - guarantees attention. The question is, how to keep from attracting too much attention or to offer the kind of attention that is proportionate to the amount of attention you want to get.

A good rule of thumb is to limit your attention to the upper part of your clothing article and leave the darker-hued parts of your clothing as-usual. If you want lower partials to catch the light and be seen, then use accent colors. Or - if your clothing piece is relatively dark - use a brighter accent color to attract less attention.

Light orange pants don't attract a lot of attention. The color compliments the shape and the skin color of a light-skinned person, and if you are light-skinned as well, it will give you a warm contrast with your clothing and make you even more personable.

The color orange also varies greatly from person to person. Other shades that can be used to compliment the light orange color includes yellow, pink and occasionally green. Most people will find either apple, peach or pink shades of orange to be most flattering. Orange pants, when worn, should also be kept to the traditional length of too.

When it comes to the color of the pants, there are entire fashion articles written on this subject, and you will just need to pick one that matches your skin, personality and whatever you feel that you need to wear.

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